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Pardot Managed Services Case Study of Byte Software

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Byte Software, a mortgage technology company, wasn’t extracting the most from their marketing automation system and needed onboarding help with their Pardot instance. OBC had the knowledge and experience to get Byte Software where they needed to be with Pardot.

Q2 2022 – Q1 2023


Byte Software, a mortgage technology company, needed onboarding help with their Pardot instance. They had already implemented Pardot but Byte’s Marketing Manager, Bobby Palmer, knew he wasn’t extracting the most from his marketing automation system (MAS). Bobby began his search for a US-based Pardot consultant close to his time zone and who could work within his company’s stringent data security requirements.

He came across Optimal Business Consulting (OBC) and reached out to owner and principal consultant, Jeff Kemp. OBC was able to work within Byte’s data security constraints to train Bobby and his team on Pardot fundamentals and beyond.

Bobby is now comfortable flying solo within his Pardot instance and is running several online advertisement campaigns, all of which he monitors and manages in Pardot. Bobby recently provided feedback on his Pardot Managed Services experience with OBC.

I knew it could be a pretty complex platform but didn’t realize that, even with Premier Support, there was little to no implementation support to help us get the system set up and fully functional.

About Byte Software

Byte Software is a US-based mortgage technology company specializing in loan origination software, LOS. Byte was started in 1985 and specializes in enterprise-class LOS solutions that give mortgage lenders total control over their loan process. The Byte platform is trusted by mortgage bankers, credit unions, banks and brokers to efficiently originate and deliver high-quality loans for retail, wholesale, and correspondent lending channels.

Byte Software

Industry: Finance, Mortgage
Customer point of contact: Bobby Palmer, Marketing Manager
Pardot instance: Pardot Advanced

The challenge Byte Software was facing with Pardot, in their own words

“We had our Salesforce instance for several years but were not in the position to add Pardot until recently. I knew it could be a pretty complex platform but didn’t realize that, even with Premier Support, there was little to no implementation support to help us get the system set up and fully functional.”

I knew it could be a pretty complex platform but didn’t realize that, even with Premier Support [from Salesforce], there was little to no implementation support to help us get the system set up and fully functional.

“Our robust security protocols and features like SSO made it time-intensive to utilize the lengthy written implementation guide. And, honestly, we just didn’t have time to hack through it ourselves. We needed to get up and running quickly with someone that could take the lead and walk us through it.”

I have also heard that it’s easy to get your Pardot instance pretty messy if you don’t do it right from the beginning, so I wanted to make sure we started out using best practices versus having to go back and fix things later.

The Byte Software selection process

“I wanted a solution that was close enough to my time zone to make scheduling easier. I contacted four vendors including OBC and walked through our project requirements. Our parent company contacted two additional vendors on our behalf. Some vendors were not able to work within our security protocols and others were just not a good fit for our project.”

OBC checked all the boxes for us.

Why Byte Software Chose Optimal Business Consulting

“OBC made a great first impression as they were the first ones to return my call. Always a good start! I spoke with Jeff about the project and felt very comfortable OBC had the knowledge and experience to get us where we needed to be with Pardot. The flexibility of their pricing plans was also a big plus for our needs. I also just felt like it was a good fit, in terms of personalities. After speaking with the three other companies I contacted, the decision to go with OBC was an easy one.”

The flexibility of their pricing plans was also a big plus for our needs.

Byte Software’s primary objectives with Pardot and OBC

“Our first order of business was to get the connection with Salesforce set up properly so the data would sync. I needed to map fields and also make sure Pardot was configured properly to ensure high deliverability rates. Beyond that, I was interested in best practices for general functionality of the system, so I didn’t end up painting myself into a corner while being somewhat self-sufficient going forward.”

How Optimal Business Consulting responded

“Once we made our vendor selection, we still had to run it through our parent company’s vendor approval process. We have some pretty unique guide rails we need to work within, based on how our system is structured. OBC was not only willing to work within our security constraints, they embraced the idea and made it a very successful endeavor for us. They were great about making the requested modifications and working with us to get the agreement facilitated so we could begin working right away. We did a three-month engagement and I have to say it went so well!”

I couldn’t be happier with the results.

The results

We got everything I'd hoped for done in about half that time, which allowed us to really dive into some more advanced Pardot work.

“That was the beauty of the OBC plan set up—it wasn’t limited to just implementation. We were able to accomplish so much more than that within the three months and I’m extremely happy with where we are and what we’ve accomplished.”

On a scale from 1 to 10 with 1 being the lowest, what was your comfort level with Pardot prior to working with OBC?

“I’d say probably a 2 or 3, just because I had used other marketing platforms before so I had a decent idea of the final outcome. Just didn’t know how to get there!!”


client got everything done in half the time expected


client extremely happy with what was accomplished


OBC was willing to work within client's strict security constraints

What is your comfort level now?

“For comfort level, I’d say a 9 or 10. That doesn’t mean I’m an expert by any means but I’m super comfortable with the platform and, so far, have been able to get all the campaigns done that I’ve wanted.”

Any other comments you would like to share about your experience?

“Honestly, I just want to say thank you to the staff at OBC, from owner Jeff to our specialist Jennifer. I know our situation was a little unique and required a bit of flexibility on their part to work within those constraints, but…”

I’m just absolutely thrilled with what we accomplished in such a short time.

“The experience with them was far and above the other companies I had met with. I would 100% recommend OBC to anyone looking for help with their Pardot instance. They are very knowledgeable and, more importantly, great folks to work with. I look forward to working with them again.”

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