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Referral Program

When applicable and where you are able to refer an attributable sale to OBC for certain types of services that can be directly attributed as a Referred Client, a Client Referral Fee will be paid.

    1. Direct Client Referral: where you are the intermediator in making the referral, and where you have some level of relationship with a stakeholder at the referred Company/Lead and you make the introduction between Company and OBC.
      1. Direct Client Referral Fee: 3% of gross sale for up to 6 months of client billings.
    2. Indirect Client Referral: where you are simply sending a referral about a need you noticed regarding someone looking for help, where you have no relationship with any stakeholders at the referred Company/Lead.
      1. Indirect Client Referral Fee: .5% of gross sale for up to 3 months of client billings.

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If we end up doing business with your referral there will likely be some commission in it for you! 😄

Some conditions apply. Feel free to contact us for more details regarding our Referral Program.