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Requirements To Qualify

  • To qualify to write for us Guest Posters must have specific and relative expertise that aligns with one of our topics (show below in the web form).
  • Guest Posters must have very good writing skills. Guest blogging is subject to Guest Poster being able to write quality content with few or no grammar and spelling errors (i.e. this is not a fit for everyone).
  • Guest Posters are encouraged to suggest topics they feel they can write about as a subject matter expert.
  • Guest Posters must be able to source their own images and links.
  • Writing content for our blog is an as needed opportunity. We may choose to engage with a Guest Poster or not at our discretion.
  • Frequency of articles is based on Guest Posters topic choice, article choice, and Guest Poster availability.
  • Guest Posters will need to agree to either our Vendor or Contractor Agreement.
  • In some cases we may allow Guest Poster the option to put an approved ‘author’ bio at the end of Guest Posters’s blog posts with a link to their LinkedIn profile (great for more exposure and recognition, see website for examples), or you can post anonymously if you like.
  • Some articles may have ‘co-authors’ or ‘contributors’ if more than one person helped with the content. (If a large majority of the content is provided by OBC then in such cases we may make OBC the sole author.)
  • We can either pay your normal hourly rate for time logged on tasks for researching and writing content (capped at our maximum hourly rate for writing content for blog posts, so check with us before engaging), or we can pay a flat rate per article base on how many words and the value we assign to any particular article.

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