Who We Are

Optimal Business Consulting is a boutique Salesforce Pardot Marketing Automation, CRM, & HubSpot Consulting Agency. We’re a Salesforce Partner and HubSpot Expert Agency specializing in consulting for the Salesforce Pardot (MCAE Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) Marketing Automation platform as well as Salesforce CRM and HubSpot Marketing, Sales CRM, CMS, and Operations Hubs.

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Company Characteristics

We’re a passionate and process-driven team of tech-savvy marketing and business professionals mainly from all over the United States, with some team members from other parts of the world.

We have deep domain experience in technology, marketing, business, and technology stacks to get things done. Our many years of experience within marketing, business, marketing automation, and specifically the Salesforce ecosystem (Pardot / Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, Sales Cloud, etc.) along with our ‘always learning’ attitude and our modern, data-centric technology driven approach provides our customers with the competitive edge they need and the opportunity to grow!

We’re experts at our craft, and if not, we become experts, fast! We make tough decisions, own up to mistakes, and above all, we find solutions to problems.

Why Do We Do What We Do?

Salesforce is the number one online business tool of choice for CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and Pardot is Salesforce’s B2B Marketing Automation platform for qualifying and nurturing leads. Most organizations frankly are not getting their money’s worth from Pardot, so once we were aware of the pain points we found our niche in helping companies overcome their technical and process issues.

Experts in automating complex processes and workflows.

Strong emphasis on discovery and process, automating where it makes sense.

Superior written and verbal communication typically provided by U.S. based consultants.

Capable of delivering contextual, thoughtfully presented visual output.

Experience working with domestic & international teams and high profile organizations.

We work with all types of organizations and industries, but work especially well with non-profit/nonprofit, NGO, SaaS, high-tech, finance, mortgage, education, healthcare, and professional services.

Also HubSpot is a great choice for smaller or mid-level companies for CRM, Marketing Automation, CMS, and Operations, so we’ve found that we can apply our many years of experience in these areas as well with organizations that are interested in or already using HubSpot.

We have expertise in lead and data management and marketing, and we love business and we love to help people and to solve problems. So we decided to meet the need and to focus heavily on Pardot and HubSpot to help our customers realize ROI from their marketing stack so their businesses can grow.

More About OBC

As a leading Salesforce Partner and HubSpot Expert Agency, Optimal Business Consulting (OBC) is a growing U.S. based Pardot and HubSpot Marketing Automation Consulting Agency helping companies to implement, optimize, and maintain their existing or new Pardot, HubSpot, and Salesforce platform using Marketing Automation and Lead Management best practices with proven methodologies.

HubSpot Managed Services

The Optimal Business Consulting team implements proven lead management methodologies and platform optimizations for end user client organizations in almost any industry.

As a highly flexible fractional outsourced extension of your team (fractional agile marketing automation), the experts at OBC can implement, optimize, maintain/administrate, support, and advise on your Salesforce Pardot or HubSpot marketing automation instance.

A leading Marketing Automation Consultancy, OBC’s focus is Marketing Automation and Pardot/Salesforce and HubSpot strategy and architecture, implementation, configuration, optimization, process improvements, journey building, and marketing-to-sales process lead management. OBC can also help with Salesforce Sales Cloud or HubSpot CRM setup and optimization.

OBC is continually adding experts to their team which currently consists of 8 certified Pardot Consultants and 20 total team members, led by Jeff Kemp, a seasoned technologist who has 7 years experience as a Pardot Consultant plus over 30 years experience in marketing and more than 20 years as an entrepreneur.

OBC works with their clients in various capacities including Managed Services, custom consulting projects (SOWs), service contracts, retainers, and ad-hoc services.

What Makes Us Different

Optimal Business Consulting’s team of Certified Pardot Marketing Automation Consultants have several years of experience with specific focus on using a consultative approach to optimize the Pardot Marketing Automation platform to put effective lead management and nurturing systems in place using automation and proven best practices.

We’ve developed over a dozen proprietary and proven methodologies to enhance Pardot lead acquisition and management.

8 Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultants on Our Team

Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultants with 7+ years Experience

30 years Marketing / Marketing Management

8 years Salesforce Sales Cloud Consulting

5 HubSpot Certified Consultants on Our Team

15 years Consulting

15 years WordPress Expert (web dev & design)

15 years Sales / Sales Management

We integrate CRM, marketing, sales, and web solutions to generate highly qualified sales leads, improve lead-to-sales conversion, and build customer loyalty…and we use technology and systemized processes to automate everything to help scale your business.

We collect business requirements and ask questions in order to fully understand business needs and how they relate to desired key outcomes and performance measurements.

We will provide platform-specific technical recommendations and hands-on execution with delivery support to ensure a successful implementation.

We’ll discover and provide new process improvement opportunities, and in many cases will diagram processes out for a clear picture and understanding of what is or should be happening.

During implementation we provide several valuable authored documents and process diagrams as needed which we can walk through together that will help facilitate understanding of Pardot or HubSpot features and recommended best practices, and which will assist in the process and get everyone on the same page with regards to data architecture, goals, campaign process, task sequence, responsibilities, expectations, timelines, etc.

Typically, for new implementations you’ll have your first campaigns running within 45-60 days and the full onboarding process completed within 60-90 days (depending on the package/plan selected).

We work with Pardot and HubSpot end user organizations of all sizes, plus we often work with Salesforce Partners and Solution Providers as their Pardot Experts.

Jeff Kemp | Marketing Automation & CRM Consultant

Hire me! I’m the Founder of Optimal Business Consulting, but I'm also an Independent Contractor currently available for short or long term projects: C2C/1099/Contract/C2H/W2 p/t f/t.

With 30 years of marketing experience I’ve been laser targeted on Marketing Automation for 10 years, seven of those as a Salesforce Certified Pardot Account Engagement Consultant, and more recently a Certified Salesforce Administrator. I'm also a HubSpot and WordPress expert.

With each organization and project that I’m involved with I work hard to understand and solve their problems, and architect processes for effective lead management and nurturing systems that will improve marketing and sales efforts.

Meet the Founder

Jeff’s Bio

As Founder and Principal Consultant of Optimal Business Consulting, jeff Kemp is a data-driven “Strategic doer’ providing strategic and tactical leadership in execution of modern process automation, marketing, and web initiatives through lead acquisition and by generating Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) through optimizing lead to sale conversion processes to grow revenue and scale business to the next level.
Possessing a unique blend of effective STRATEGIC PLANNING combined with successful hands-on TACTICAL EXECUTION, Jeff is highly capable within many areas including Marketing, Marketing Automation (Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant), Web Technology (WordPress  Expert), SEO, Analytics, Operations, Project Management, Data Management, and Business Development.
As an experienced Marketing Automation Consultant, Jeff helps organizations to integrate web, marketing, and CRM workflows and solutions to optimize Marketing Lead Funnels that will generate highly qualified sales leads and build customer loyalty to greatly enhance existing marketing efforts and streamline business operations thereby improving the bottom line.
A Denver based ‘General Technologist’, Jeff Kemp has over 30 years of business-to-business (B2B) Marketing, Web Development, and Technology experience both strategically and tactically. Jeff has insight into several industries including online (SaaS), high-tech, software, aerospace/aviation, manufacturing, finance, consumer electronics, professional services, printing/publishing, real estate/mortgage, healthcare/medical, and higher education.
Jeff has visited the corporate headquarters and developed strategic business with Apple, Microsoft, HP, Toshiba, and other global companies including international business travel.

Jeff has developed several industry leading and proprietary methodologies proven to enhance and extend the out-of-the-box functionality of Pardot to provide much more value and ROI from Pardot and Salesforce.

Using industry best practices Jeff and his team can help to strategically map out your ideal Customer Journey, then tactically execute on setting up that journey with innovative Sales and Marketing Automation processes and Lead Nurturing Campaigns that will attract and nurture prospects to become your ideal customer.
Jeff’s team can also set up Account Based Marketing (ABM) customer nurturing programs that will increase customer attention and loyalty and even restore dormant customers.
Jeff and his team help organizations to strategically PLAN, tactically DEVELOP, EXECUTE, OPTIMIZE, and REPORT on successful and adaptive Marketing Plans, Campaigns, and other initiatives custom tailored to fit company goals for true ROI.

Client Testimonial by

Kate Van Gorden, Marketing Manager | Syncroness

YouTube video
We worked on a Pardot and Salesforce Managed Services agreement with Syncroness for about 8 months helping to align their Lead Management processes between Marketing and Sales, and to demonstrate marketing influence via ROI reporting on net new revenue from lead generation marketing efforts.

Don’t just take our word for it

Read what our clients have to say. Check out our latest case study with California-based Byte Software.

I’m just absolutely thrilled with what we accomplished in such a short time.

"Thank you for all you do for ADF.  We are seeing improvement in year to date numbers for email cultivation. The revenue is up 67% and the number of gifts up 90%.”

Peggy K

VP of Direct Response, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF)

"OBC checked all the boxes for us. The flexibility of their pricing plans was also a big plus for our needs. I couldn’t be happier with the results. We got everything I'd hoped for done in about half that time, which allowed us to really dive into some more advanced Pardot work. I’m just absolutely thrilled with what we accomplished in such a short time."

Bobby Palmer

Marketing Manager, Byte Software

“Jeff is a consummate professional and understands the sensitive database and sync interactions between Salesforce and Pardot better than most "experts" in the field. He was instrumental in the system ops setup at Roostify, working cross-functionally with sales, marketing and operational leadership to ensure the lead funnel was fully optimized. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jeff for any marketing automation task.”

Heidi Elgaard

VP Marketing & Tech Startup Advisor, Roostify

“Your level of knowledge has been great from a consulting side because you understand how we work. You've been able to understand our challenges with unique solutions based on your knowledge of how each different platform works and how they can potentially work together. While you are remote you seem to be pretty responsive to be able to get things done when we need it.” -->Client Video Testimonial

Kate Van Gorden

Marketing Manager, Syncroness

“Jeff and Optimal Business Consulting helped us think through the strategy for our lead generation process. From connecting our Salesforce and Pardot instances, mind mapping our MQL journeys, and training our employees, Jeff became a member of our marketing team. I am happy to recommend him as a Salesforce expert for those looking to think through a strategy and implement the technology to make it possible.”

Chris McNamee

VP Marketing, The Tambellini Group


We love business and we love to help people and to solve problems, so…

Our Mission is to help organizations get more ROI out of their tech stack investment and grow to the next level by making their overall marketing and sales efforts more effective.

And to have fun doing it 😉


Expertise: Several years of Pardot Marketing Automation Consulting experience with consultative approach to help put lead management and nurturing systems in place using proven best practices.

Attitude: We approach every customer project with an ‘always learning’ attitude and apply our modern, data-centric technology driven approach to provide our customers with the competitive edge they need and the opportunity to grow!

Ownership: Our customer’s success is our success! So we are always looking after our customer’s best interests as if we were a main stakeholder or owner in their business. Decisions need to be made with the specific circumstances of the customer in mind; a particular solution that worked well before may not be the best approach in every case. This approach allows us to keep a proper frame of mind when considering decisions on customer projects…would we do it this way if it were our company and if it would directly impact us as if it were our business?

Business Case: We also approach things from a practical business standpoint. What is the business case? Does it make sense to do it this way? Can we automate this step or process for a better long term result?


Established as Digital Marketing Agency ‘Mile High Marketing‘ in 2009, we rebranded to ‘Optimal Business Consulting, LLC’ in mid 2018 as a Colorado Business Consulting Agency specializing in Pardot Email Marketing Automation.

We were unhappy with the cookie-cutter status quo of the marketing agency landscape, so in 2009 Mile High Marketing was established as a digital marketing agency in Denver, Colorado. With our goal being to help our customers reach their full potential with the marketing tools available at the time, we focused on Marketing Consulting to businesses with an emphasis on WordPress website development.

In 2018, we realized too many businesses were not getting enough usefulness out of their Salesforce technology stack for marketing and sales, often despite huge capital investments. So we rebranded to Optimal Business Consulting and shifted our focus to the Salesforce.com ecosystem with a special focus on the Pardot Marketing Automation platform. Since that time we have served many happy customers within diverse industries as an extension of their team as their Pardot Marketing Automation Experts!

  • Integrity – we work as though our work for you is work for our own business, and as if no one is watching
  • Professionalism – we always conduct ourselves in a professional manner so that personal tastes don’t cloud our thinking or behavior and influence business or clients in a negative way
  • Hard Work – we strive to always do our best every day, always working hard and working smart
  • Problem Solving – solving customer problems with creative and informed solutions is at the core of everything we do
  • Reliability – our customers rely on us for expert guidance and to keep commitments made, and in the same way we also depend on each other within our team and our approved vendors
  • Brilliant Ideas – we’re an idea machine, always thinking of better and more innovative ways to do things
  • Helpful – our deep desire is to always be helpful to our clients and to each other, and even to those we don’t know, offering help when and how we can and doing what is in their best interest often above our own interests
  • Always Learning – we’re always learning so that we can remain useful and on the cutting edge regarding knowledge and best practices of tools/services to advise our clients and to get the job done
  • Results & Outcomes – we value results and outcomes above logging hours or keeping a seat warm with a body, we’re always pushing the limits on performance with outstanding outcomes as our goal
What work arrangements do you offer?
  • 1099 / W2
  • C2C Corp-to-Corp
  • Hourly
  • Monthly retainers
  • Monthly subscriptions for Managed Services
  • One-off items/options
  • Project work
  • Purchase items through ecommerce
  • Staff augmentation
What types of working relationships do you value?
  • End user companies/organizations of all sizes
  • Agencies (marketing and Salesforce)
  • Business partners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Independent contractors
  • Marketing professionals
  • Salesforce Partners / Solution Providers / ISVs 
  • Salesforce reps
  • HubSpot reps
  • Staffing agencies and recruiters
  • Technology professionals

Years Consulting Experience

Pardot Projects

Certified Pardot & HubSpot Consultants

Years Business Experience

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