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Some of our happy clients

Below are some of Optimal Business Consulting’s former clients showing highlights from past projects we’ve worked on along with client recommendations we’ve received.

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF)

Non-Profit (Arizona) | Q3 2021 – Q2 2023

Pardot Managed Services with Campaign Management.

  • Coordination with various teams including Marketing, Sales, Salesforce Admin, IT (compliance/governance), Web Team, and third party vendors.
  • Improved data collection and prospect management process.
  • Centralized over 120 Pardot forms and form handlers and reduced number of forms needed.
  • Cleaned up fields and field syncs.
  • Created MQL Journey with multiple qualifiers for sending only qualified leads to Sales at just the right time.
  • Cleaned up and reduced number of segmentation lists from 1,000’s of lists to more targeted segments.
  • Split segmentation lists across 99 different lists for multi-variant testing (like A/B testing but many more variants).
  • Provided Campaign Manager human resource as extended part of client’s team for managing day-to-day campaigns with list builds and email templates.
  • Documentation including journey diagrams, spreadsheets, and help files.
  • Pardot Training including onsite workshop at client’s location.
  • Day-to-day support to solve issues as they arose.
  • Managed team of several Pardot Consultants and Pardot Specialists.
  • Weekly status and hands-on working meetings.

“Thank you for all you do for ADF.  We are seeing improvement in year to date numbers for email cultivation. The revenue is up 67% and the number of gifts up 90%.”

~Peggy K, VP of Direct Response

Alliance Defending Freedom


“Jeff and team are definitely the best option when it comes to Pardot consulting. I think he knows Pardot better than any of the Salesforce representatives and his organizational skills are unmatched.

My team handed Jeff a knotted ball of yarn and his patient persistence has us seeing incredible results with new found organization.

I’m excited about the opportunities we now have, thanks to Jeff and his team opening up new doors for us.”

~Sadie J, Director of Digital Direct Response (Digital Marketing)

Alliance Defending Freedom

Byte Software

Mortgage Software (Ohio) | Q2 2022 – Q1 2023

Pardot Managed Services

Read the Case Study: Pardot Managed Services Case Study | Byte Software

  • Focused on one-on-one Pardot Training to teach client to fish for themselves.
  • Oversaw Client Success Manager / Pardot Consultant on project.

“OBC checked all the boxes for us. The flexibility of their pricing plans was also a big plus for our needs. I couldn’t be happier with the results. We got everything I’d hoped for done in about half that time, which allowed us to really dive into some more advanced Pardot work. I’m just absolutely thrilled with what we accomplished in such a short time.”

~Bobby Palmer, Marketing Manager

Byte Software

Don’t just take our word for it

Read what our clients have to say. Check out our latest case study with California-based Byte Software.

I’m just absolutely thrilled with what we accomplished in such a short time.

Monetary Metals & Co.

Financial (Arizona) | Q2 2022 – Q1 2023

Pardot Managed Services

  • Pardot Audit
  • Lead Lifecycle Management including fields, lists, and automation journey.
  • Created MQL rules, fields, lists, and automation journey.
  • Improved lead qualification process and proper hand-off to Sales.
  • Created responsive email template.
  • Updated WordPress website with Pardot forms.
  • Created robust marketing and sales dashboards in Salesforce.
  • Documentation including journey diagrams, spreadsheets, and help files.
  • Oversaw Client Success Manager and Pardot Consultant and Pardot Specialist on project.

Nivati (formerly Zenovate)

Health (Utah) | Q1 2021 – Q3 2021

Pardot Managed Services

  • Added needed custom fields.
  • Created MQL rules, fields, lists, and automation journey.
  • Improved lead qualification process and proper hand-off to Sales.
  • Created responsive email template.
  • Improved form process and reduced number of forms and autoresponders.
  • Documentation including journey diagrams, spreadsheets, and help files.
  • Pardot Training.
  • Oversaw Client Success Manager and Pardot Specialist on project.

Level Access

SaaS (Virginia) | Q4 2020 – Q4 2021

Pardot Solutions Architect / Pardot Consulting

  • Pardot optimization and support.
  • Designed new Lead Flow process with multiple types of rules to suit client’s needs.
  • Centralized over 300 Pardot forms and form handlers and reduced down to 10 forms and 4 autoresponders.
  • Created responsive email template with Dynamic Content.
  • Documentation including journey diagrams, spreadsheets, and help files.
  • Pardot Training.
  • Weekly status and strategy meetings.

Bellwether Coffee

Manufacturer (California) | Q1 2021 – Q2 2021

Pardot Consulting

  • Lead Source Attribution.
  • Custom fields.
  • Pardot forms.
  • Salesforce dashboards.

NuAge Experts

Salesforce Partner (Colorado) | Q1 2021 – Q2 2021

Pardot Consulting

  • Pardot implementations for multiple end user clients.
  • Pardot Training for multiple end user clients.


Salesforce Partner (Pennsylvania) | Q3 2019 – Q1 2021

Pardot Solutions Engineer

  • Technical Lead for Pardot implementations and optimization for several end user clients.
  • Scoped SOW for projects with budgetary proposals, requirements gathering, client meetings, hands-on implementation.
  • Migration from HubSpot to Pardot.
  • Pardot Training for multiple end user clients.


Salesforce Partner(virginia) | Q4 2020 – Q4 2020

Pardot Solutions Architect

  • Led Pardot implementation and support for multiple end user clients and projects.
  • Scoped SOW for projects.
  • Pardot Training for multiple end user clients.

Antero CRM

Salesforce Partner (Colorado) | Q1  2020 – Q3 2020

Pardot Consultant

  • Led Pardot installations and provided Pardot support for several end user clients.
  • Scoped SOW for projects with budgetary proposals, requirements gathering, client meetings, hands-on implementation with several end user clients.
  • Created lead process flow diagrams.


Salesforce Partner (Rhode Island) | Q3 2019 – Q4 2020

Senior Pardot Consultant

  • SME to lead Pardot installations and provide Pardot support with several end user clients.
  • Scoped SOW for projects.
  • Pardot Business Units implementation across 7 discrete organizational units.
  • Creation of SOW and budgetary proposals, requirements gathering, client meetings, hands-on implementation.
  • Creation of Pardot assets, lead process flow diagrams, and end user training.

InterSystems (Europe)

Digital Transformation (Germany) | Q3 2019 – Q2 2020

Managed Services / Pardot Consultant

  • Create and advise on series of complex ‘value added’ journeys with multiple email streams moving prospects to different messaging streams based on prospect lifecycle stage and prospect engagement with assets triggering specific Category Scoring.
  • Journey diagrams.
  • Ongoing Pardot Managed Services with Pardot Support.

The Tambellini Group

Higher Education Research / SaaS (Virginia) | Q2 2019 – Q2 2020

Pardot Consultant and Business Consultant

  • Optimized existing Pardot installation and automated operational processes.
  • Researched, advised on, and implemented tools within tech stack.
  • Introduced/installed/configured TaskRay Project Management built on Salesforce.
  • Introduced/installed Quip smart document collaboration.
  • Introduced/installed Campaign Calendar for Salesforce-centric campaign management and collaboration.
  • Diagramed and developed Customer Onboarding journey.
  • Created Pardot marketing assets.
  • Created email templates with Dynamic Content.
  • Managed Pardot campaigns.
  • Developed Lead Management Process involving custom MQL triggers, diagrams, and journey.
  • Optimized Salesforce platform with Global Picklists, Custom Fields, Object Views, User Permissions, Reports, Dashboards, Extensions.

Jeff and Optimal Business Consulting helped us think through the strategy for our lead generation process. From connecting our Salesforce and Pardot instances, mind mapping our MQL journeys, and training our employees, Jeff became a member of our marketing team. I am happy to recommend him as a Salesforce expert for those looking to think through a strategy and implement the technology to make it possible.”

~Chris McNamee, VP Marketing

The Tambellini Group

ALTEN Technology USA (formerly Syncroness)

Engineering (Colorado) | Q4 2018 – Q2 2020

Pardot Managed Services with Salesforce Sales Cloud Managed Services

  • Optimized existing Pardot installation with integration between Pardot and Salesforce and between marketing and sales teams.
  • Aligned their Lead Management processes between Marketing and Sales.
  • Demonstrated marketing influence via ROI reporting on net new revenue from lead generation marketing efforts.
  • SOW with Project Plan/Project Management, requirements gathering client meetings, hands-on implementation
  • Creation of custom fields, layout templates, automations, lists.
  • Created email templates including newsletter template with latest blog posts
  • Created gated content forms with dynamic autoresponders serving up download links.
  • Configured connectors.
  • Set up lead scoring, lead management,
  • Created Pardot landing pages.
  • Pardot training.
  • Coordination with various teams including Marketing, Salesforce Admin, IT, and third party Business Development and website vendors.
  • Salesforce optimization/administration including custom Process Builder automations, Triggers, and Apex programming.

“Your level of knowledge has been great from a consulting side because you understand how we work. You’ve been able to understand our challenges with unique solutions based on your knowledge of how each different platform works and how they can potentially work together. While you are remote you seem to be pretty responsive to be able to get things done when we need it.”

~Kate Van Gorden, Marketing Manager


YouTube video


Online Mortgage SaaS (California) | Q1  2018 – Q4 2018

Pardot Technical Lead

  • CRM migration from SalesforcelQ to Salesforce Sales Cloud with full lifecycle of Pardot implementation.
  • Heavy involvement with third party Salesforce vendor and internal Business Development and Sales teams to coordinate data management and end-to-end lead management processes.
  • Pardot Audit, requirements gathering, migration strategy, including full data prep and data migration with ETL (Extract Transform Load) via Dataloader.
  • Functional specification documentation, client meetings, Project Plan/Project Management.
  • Hands-on implementation including connectors, custom fields, email templates, layout templates, forms, lists, users, roles, automations, lead scoring, lead management, campaigns, Engagement Programs.
  • Creation of Salesforce custom fields with data validation, Salesforce campaigns, Salesforce lead queues, Salesforce reports, Salesforce dashboards, and Salesforce notifications.
  • Training.

Jeff is a consummate professional and understands the sensitive database and sync interactions between Salesforce and Pardot better than most “experts” in the field. He was instrumental in the system ops setup at Roostify, working cross-functionally with sales, marketing and operational leadership to ensure the lead funnel was fully optimized. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jeff for any marketing automation task.”

~Heidi Elgaard, VP Marketing & Tech Startup Advisor


TA Digital (formerly TechAspect)

Salesforce Partner (California) | Q1 2018 – Q2 2018

Pardot Sr. Architect

  • Pardot implementation for Salesforce integration services company with globally distributed team working with international pharmaceutical client in India.
  • Pardot Audit, discovery/requirements gathering, migration strategy.
  • Triggered Salesforce email sending.
  • Pardot adoption.
  • Platform process flow diagrams including client specific use case involving Salesforce Custom Objects and Cases.
  • Technical documentation, client meetings, Project Plan/Roadmap, and Technical Lead for full hands-on implementation.


Salesforce Partner (Colorado) | Q1  2018 – Q1  2018

Pardot Technical Lead

  • Migration to Pardot from Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget) including full Pardot implementation for Salesforce integration services company.
  • Pardot Audit, extensive requirements gathering and migration strategy.
  • Created platform Architectural Diagram, functional specification documentation.
  • Onsite client meetings.
  • Managed Project Plan/Roadmap.
  • Hands-on implementation and training.

“I’m very pleased to have invited Jeff to help me deliver a Pardot project. He’s a senior consultant who can listen and understand business need. Jeff’s technical skills extend beyond automation to prescribing Pardot architecture in respect of a client’s data and desired sales, and marketing processes. I look forward to our next collaboration.”

~Sy Nayman, Consulting Practice Manager


Flatirons Solutions

Enterprise Software (Colorado) | Q4 2015 – Q4 2017

Web & Marketing Consultant

  • Managed Act-On marketing automation platform which also included creating and sending email campaigns.
  • Headed full Pardot implementation involving migration to Pardot from Act-On.
  • Strategy and hands-on execution including Salesforce integration, list segmentation, lead scoring, dozens of gated content forms and form handlers, email templates including dynamic autoresponders.
  • Set up lead management systems, campaign management, automations, Engagement Programs, dynamic website content using Pardot Dynamic Content.
  • Website conversion optimization, marketing funnel optimization.
  • Ongoing Pardot administration and campaign management.
  • WordPress website management and conversion optimization in coordination with international teams involving structural and content updates, optimization, web hosting and site maintenance,  SEO.
  • Project management and hands-on web development for creating two 200 page web properties in various languages.

Jeff is detail oriented and thorough. He is committed to helping his clients succeed and loves tackling new challenges and learning new technologies. He’s been invaluable to our team in getting our web, marketing, and analytic capabilities up to snuff, and I would recommend him strongly to others seeking a utility player with strengths in pure marketing, digital marketing technology, and industry best practices.”

~Patrick Dawson, VP Solutions Marketing

Flatirons Solutions

“Jeff has the unique capability of both understanding strategic digital marketing planning as well as the technical expertise to implement and fine-tune marketing tools and processes to support digital marketing programs. The advantage this brings to his clients is that he can either lead and contribute to strategic planning and/or implement marketing technology (web content management and analytics tools, marketing automation platforms, SEO tools, etc.) that enable marketing teams to execute on digital marketing programs. Jeff’s technical knowledge and natural curiosities about marketing tools are phenomenal; he’s like a Google or Siri for marketing technology. When I have a question, I often turn first to Jeff and ask for his opinion or instruction on how to use a particular tool. He’s passionate about marketing and has the chops to back it up.”

~Julie Fouque, – ​Director of Channel Marketing

Flatirons Solutions

“Jeff Kemp is a well-rounded marketing professional that really excels in Marketing Automation and Pardot Technical Architecture. Jeff’s thorough approach to complex problems makes him a highly effective consultant and strategist.”

~Charles Cunningham, Co-Founder

Flatirons Solutions/Creative and Corporate

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