Pardot Engagement Studio: Resending the same email template

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Pardot’s engagement studio is one its most powerful and useful features. Once an engagement program is set up it can run in the background, freeing up your time to focus on more important jobs. 

Allowing prospects to enter the program more than once

Before setting up an engagement program, or journey, it’s important to what objective it serves. Depending on the objective, you may want a prospect to enter a program more than once. Erring on the side of caution, the Pardot default is to not allow prospects to enter a program more than once. You’ll need to ensure this box is ticked if you want people to repeat the program.

Allow prospects to enter engagement studio

Once that box has been ticked, two more fields appear: how many days (must be an integer) a prospect must wait before they are eligible to reenter the program and how many times a prospect can re-enter a journey. 

Tick box for prospects

Allow email templates to be sent more than once to the same prospect

Ok, you’ve set up your engagement program to allow prospects to enter more than once and are now ready to start building your program with various actions, rules and triggers.
Before you activate your program, there’s one final step you need to take: ensure the email template(s) used in the program can be sent to the same prospect more than once.
This step is not part of the engagement studio, so it’s often overlooked. 

From Pardot Settings>Account Settings hit the edit button on the upper right-hand side. In the middle of your account settings you’ll notice a rather randomly placed checkbox for Pardot Engagement Studio.

Engagement program templates

Until this box is checked, prospects who re-enter an engagement program will not receive the same email template and you’ll receive a message that states Email not sent. Prospect has already received email template.”

Ticking this box under Pardot Settings is the last step in ensuring all aspects of your engagement studio are ready to handle repeat prospects.

If you’re setting up an engagement studio in Pardot and are running into similar issues, feel free to reach out.

In April 2022, Salesforce announced the rebrand of Pardot to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. While the rebrand unfolds and the world adapts to the new nomenclature, we'll keep the Pardot name in our blog posts.


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More about the Pardot rename

Salesforce has made what I believe is a branding mistake. Today (April 13, 2022) they officially renamed Pardot to “Marketing Cloud Account Engagement”.

Not to be unavoidably confused with Marketing Cloud or Engage, which are separate products, or Engagement Program which is a feature of Pardot. And those who know Pardot well know how well Pardot engages with in Pardot, and only if there's a prospect related to an account does an account even show up in Pardot.

Since most people agree that Pardot is a B2B marketing platform, Salesforce should have put B2B in the name somehow rather than Account.

Reminds me of the naming issue for Quip, formerly named Salesforce Anywhere, formerly named Quip (renamed by Salesforce when they acquired it, then renamed again by Salesforce back to the original name since everyone still referred to it as Quip, which was a better name to begin with).

Maybe if we're lucky 'Marketing Cloud Account Engagement' will follow suit and become 'Pardot, formerly named Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, formerly named Pardot'.

Good luck to us proud few formerly known as Pardot Consultants (5 syllables), now Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Consultants (12 syllables), or worse yet, we're a Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Consulting Agency. Try putting that on your business card or in your LinkedIn title. Even though I don't really know Marketing Cloud in its original sense (Marketing Cloud as the world knows it, a.k.a. ExactTarget), I'm now a Marketing Cloud Consultant.

Good luck to companies as Pardot users trying to remember the new name, and socializing it internally.

Good luck to Salesforce reps trying to sell this under the new name without it being confused with the other Marketing Cloud.

And good luck to recruiters trying to staff for Marketing Cloud Account Engagement specialists, hmmm, Pardot specialists.


Update 2022-04-27: In the real world there are many permutations of the new name going about and it's only been 2 weeks since the name change as of this writing. Already starting to see the inevitability of people calling it “Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot)”, “Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (powered by Pardot)”, "MCAE" (phonetically pronounced mckay), etc., and actually most people are resigned to still just call it Pardot. Period.

Sad. 😞

So far I haven’t heard anyone on the internet or elsewhere say it was a good move.

The remaining question is how long will it be before Salesforce realizes their branding mistake and renames Pardot once again, 3 months? 6 months? 9 months? A full year, or never? If never, is it because Salesforce at that point would still think they did the right thing with the rename, or would it be because Salesforce is too obstinate to realize and correct their mistake? (Most people think Salesforce will change the Pardot name once again within 6 months.)

Time will tell, but for a long time from now we expect we'll still be calling it Pardot.

Long live Pardot.


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