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Date last updated: 2023-02-14

I was recently contacted by a Pardot Managed Services client who informed me that they were no longer able to access Pardot Lightning via the App Launcher and had someone errantly disabled it? I had a look and, sure enough, couldn’t see Pardot (Lightning) in the App Launcher, either. After a bit of digging I noticed a new app in the mix—Account Engagement. As far as I am aware, Salesforce made no mention of this name change in the Spring ’23 release notes. I was surprised that they assumed such a major change would go unnoticed or that it did not merit mentioning.

Pardot is now Account Engagement in Salesforce App Launcher

It appears that Salesforce is starting with clients on the top Pardot plans with the naming convention change. If you’re on a top tier Pardot package and are having trouble locating Pardot in the App Launcher try looking for Account Engagement.

Account Engagement in App Launcher


If your instance has been renamed, you’ll now see Account Engagement in the App Launcher. Even though you see Account Engagement in the App Launcher you may also see Pardot. If you do, this is the Pardot Classic app. Clicking on this will take you to this screen.

Pardot Classic error message

And, annoyingly, clicking on ‘learn more’ takes you to broken page. Talk about unhelpful! You can still access Pardot Classic via pi.pardot.com but you won’t be able to access it via the App Launcher. It was retired in October 2022.

New Account Engagement user permission set

Looks like a new permission set is imminent. As of now, Feb 2023, the permission set is empty, but we anticipate this won’t be for long.

Account Engagement user permission set is empty

Account Engagement user permission set


Aside from the new name, there is no difference to Pardot, ahem, Account Engagement.

Account Engagement naming change

Except that the top menu is busier now, because Account Engagement is a lot longer than Pardot.

Pardot is now Account Engagement in Salesforce App Manager

The same is true for the App Manager. Pardot is replaced by Account Engagement which, because it’s in alpha order, is kind of nice!

Account Engagement app manager

If your instance of Marketing Cloud Account Engagement still says Pardot, keep an eye out for the change, it’s definitely underway. If you’ve questions or concerns about the impending name change, or if your instance has already been renamed and you’ve questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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