Quick Tip: Some lesser known Pardot and Salesforce limitations

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Date last updated: 2022-06-23

Quick tip on…

Pardot limits

  • Pardot Journeys/Nurtures/Engagement Programs
    • The maximum number of steps allowed in journeys is limited to 300 steps.
      • We were surprised when we came really close to bumping up against this limitation with some fairly complex journeys and saw a warning that we wouldn’t be able to start the journey if it had 300 steps or more. So if you do run into this limitation then it would be best to break your journey down into smaller journeys or separate automations to compartmentalize certain parts as sub-routines.
  • Pardot Imports
    • The maximum CSV file size for Pardot import is 100MB.
      • We ran into this limitation a few times. The quick solution is to remove any unneeded columns and rows in your CSV file before importing to get the file size down. Often times you only need to import a few fields. If this isn’t practical for you then you might need to break your single file down into several smaller files for import, i.e. import1of3, import2of3, import3of3.
  • Pardot Platform and Connectors
    • You can connect multiple Pardot orgs (or ‘instances’) to a single Salesforce org, but you cannot connect multiple Salesforce orgs to a single Pardot org. In fact, if you want to connect Pardot to a Salesforce sandbox, it disconnects Pardot from the SF production org until you reconnect it (and before you do so you’ll need to clean up any sandbox test data manually).

Salesforce limits

  • Salesforce fields
    • The maximum number of active picklist values permitted is 1,000 (you can have several thousand non-active picklist values).
  • Salesforce campaigns
    • The maximum number of campaigns within the Salesforce campaign hierarchy is 5 levels deep. So plan wisely, and plan in advance how you want to set up your campaign hierarchy. We even recommend diagramming it out in advance. Then as you create Salesforce campaigns, to place them properly within the campaign hierarchy, you assign a parent campaign to every campaign except for those campaigns at the top level.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, need help, or just want to discuss Pardot and Salesforce limitations.



We will most definitely be updating this post and adding more info so check back later, and perhaps even often.

About the Pardot rename

In April 2022, Salesforce announced the rebrand of Pardot to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. While the rebrand unfolds and the world adapts to the new nomenclature, we'll keep the Pardot name in our blog posts.

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