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Understanding Pardot HML

HML is available for Pardot email templates, list emails, 1:1 emails, dynamic content, landing pages, forms, and user signatures.

Pardot dynamic content

Ever wish you could create just one template that could show different text and images based on criteria such as your prospect’s location, job title or Pardot score? Dynamic content allows marketers to personalize their content to align with buyer personas and...

Pardot segmentation—static, dynamic and test lists

One of the first items of business when setting up your Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) account is to organize your prospects in various lists. Pardot keeps it fairly simple and straightforward with three types of lists: dynamic, static and test lists. To...

Pardot custom fields

Pardot custom fields allow you to capture more information on your prospects. You can add custom fields from those that exist in Salesforce.

Pardot automations—knowing when to use which tool

New Pardot users may initially find automations daunting. Discerning which automation works best is not always straightforward. Certain tools, like automation rules and dynamic lists, have 36 rule criteria and 25 rule actions. Becoming familiar with each tool and its functionality takes time, and the best way to do this is to start using automations.

Pardot snippets

Understanding Pardot snippets and how to use them with Pardot Classic and Pardot Lightning email buiders.


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