Job Posting: Technical Virtual Assistant (VA) (fractional/freelance/remote U.S. based)

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Date last updated: 2022-07-26

Job Overview

Technical Virtual Assistant (VA) (freelance/remote, prefer U.S. Based)

Are you interested in supplementing your current role with ad-hoc gig consulting work?
Let’s talk!
This opportunity is for 1099 Independent Contractors, or Corp-to-Corp (C2C) if you have your own company (***we will only consider recruiters or C2C vendors if you or your candidate submit through our website application, submitting under your company name and the hourly rate***).
We’re a small business consulting and marketing company working with end user companies on projects.
We have need for ongoing data entry and other technical tasks (depending on skillset).
Hours per week will vary depending on many factors, but typically you can expect to see around 10-30 hours per week (ongoing relationship), possibly more depending on the fit.
Must have hands-on 2-3 years of VA work experience.
Strongly prefer U.S. based person already doing VA work (U.S. based will be our strong preference, however we will likely need more than one VA so for adding the right persons to our team we would consider outside U.S.), good communicator (good spelling/grammar), intelligent, quick learner, and responsive to task requests (no later than within 24hrs to respond, typically 24-48hrs to complete). Client facing skills not required. Mountain Time zone not required but helpful.
Must be willing to work within our tech stack and toolset.
  • Preferred Proficiencies
    • must know:
      • Salesforce (or Hubspot) (basic data entry)
      • Airtable
      • Zoom web conferencing
      • already doing VA work
      • decent English writing (good spelling/grammar)
      • computer literate, good with online apps
      • can follow instructions
      • detail oriented
      • good follow through
    • ideal if know:
      • accounting principles
      • automation (Airtable automation, Zapier, etc.)
      • Clickup
      • Slack
      • Google Drive/Docs
      • Google Sheets
    • bonus if know:
      • Wordpress
      • Affiliate Management
Rate commensurate with experience.
Feel free to apply if you are interested and qualified, or refer someone you know who could benefit with some extra work.
Expected pay range and requirements subject to change without notice.
#va #virtualassistant #contractor #airtable #salesforce #clickup #remote #accounting
Are you outside of the U.S.? You still can apply…

We will likely need more than one VA, so for adding the right persons to our team we would consider outside U.S. If you are you outside of the U.S. then feel free to apply on this page, or if this one isn’t a fit you can submit on this general application link so we can put you into our system for future client projects. Also you can explore other positions we have that allow for non-U.S. based persons.

Recruiters and Staffing Agencies

Yes the job is still open, we will remove this post when it is no longer valid (no need to contact us). No 3rd party referrals at this time. We can, however, consider candidates from a 3rd party, but only if you or they submit through our website application, submitting under your company name and the hourly rate (C2C in this case). That way we can properly process and vet candidates.

Apply Now to Work With Us

We typically bring on contractors for REMOTE adhoc or part-time contract work.

Once you apply we may schedule a call to further gauge your skills/experience and interests.

About Optimal Business Consulting

We’re 100% Pardot/HubSpot/Salesforce focused, working on consulting projects with end user organizations in many industries.
As Pardot Experts, Certified Salesforce Pardot Consultants, and HubSpot Experts, Optimal Business Consulting is a U.S. based Pardot/HubSpot Marketing Automation Consulting Agency that uses proven methodologies to help companies implement, optimize, and manage their existing or new platform using Marketing Automation and Lead Management best practices.


In addition to the job described in this listing, we are growing and could use help in many other areas as well from someone who knows Pardot:
Pardot Consultant, Sales Cloud Consultant, Sales Cloud System Admin, content marketing and internal documentation, marketing, web, project management, client success, service delivery, marketing automation, campaign management, admin, integrations, etc.


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