Not getting enough value or ROI from Pardot Account Engagement?

As certified experts at optimizing Pardot for over seven years, we set up processes to help you get the value you need from your marketing automation platform.

We’re also experts in Salesforce, HubSpot and WordPress. We can help you get the most from your marketing and sales efforts.

Salesforce Campaign attribution

As Certified Consultants and Experts…

We’ll optimize your marketing automation & CRM platforms and processes to drive more ROI from your tech stack.

Whether you need an independent contractor for some short or long term consulting, or you need a team to help with and project SOW or Managed Services, we’ve got you covered.

We’re experienced business professionals with deep domain experience in marketing, business and technology stacks, and we get things done. By providing a unique balance of valuable consulting with hands-on execution, we’re able to make significant strategic and tactical improvements to your tech platforms and processes.

Jeff Kemp | Marketing Automation & CRM Consultant

Hire me! I’m the Founder of Optimal Business Consulting, but I'm also an Independent Contractor currently available for short or long term projects: C2C/1099/Contract/C2H/W2 p/t f/t.

With 30 years of marketing experience I’ve been laser targeted on Marketing Automation for 10 years, seven of those as a Salesforce Certified Pardot Account Engagement Consultant, and more recently a Certified Salesforce Administrator. I'm also a HubSpot and WordPress expert.

With each organization and project that I’m involved with I work hard to understand and solve their problems, and architect processes for effective lead management and nurturing systems that will improve marketing and sales efforts.

Our Services

Consulting & Support

Our Pay-As-You-Go Consulting & Support is our most flexible offering allowing you to only pay for what you need when you need it.

Prepay by the hour for as little as a single hour, or for a bucket of hours for a better hourly rate.

Use hours up to within six months of purchase.

No monthly commitments. Simply pay a fixed hourly rate when you need some work done or you are in need of technical support.

Starting from $85/hr

Our Managed Services & Retainers provide the most value of any of our consulting services by including the perfect balance of strategic advice and planning plus DFY (Done For You) hands-on tactical elements.

With Managed Services & Retainers we'll optimize platforms and processes for driving more ROI from your tech stack including marketing, CRM, and web platforms.

Managed Services & Retainers addresses your ongoing priorities over the course of our engagement by adjusting to your needs monthly so you are always getting what you need when you need it.

Starting from $640/month

Our Implementation & Onboarding service is geared towards organizations needing their new Pardot (Account Engagement), HubSpot, or Salesforce platform initially set up with best practices implementation and client onboarding, which includes training and documentation.

We have three implementation packages to choose from for each platform that covers various levels of needs and budgets.

Starting from $4000

What we do best

Marketing & Sales Alignment

Let us create a diagram of your current end-to-end Marketing & Sales process, and extend it to include a roadmap of our recommended solutions for improving your lead flow and processes.

Automate MQL Marketing Qualified Leads

We can recommend and implement multiple MQL scoring criteria and processes that will ensure highly qualified prospects (Leads and Contacts!) are passed to Pre-Sales or Sales.

Full Lifecycle Management

Most Pardot implementations only pay attention to Leads. We help manage the full Lifecycle of all prospects including Leads, Contacts, and even existing Customers and Accounts.

Every lost lead and missed sales opportunity costs you money

You are likely experiencing some of the most common marketing automation and CRM problems that many organizations face.

We’ve seen it before and we can help.

We've found that the top common problems our clients are facing are:

  • 1Lack of platform ROI

  • 2Not taking advantage of all Marketing Automation & CRM platform features

  • 3Data integration issues between Pardot or HubSpot and Salesforce

See what the top 10 most common marketing automation problems are that we often see, along with some of the contributing factors towards each problem, and some of the positive results in overcoming those problems that our clients often experience when working with us.

Are you making the most of your marketing automation platform?

We offer a free platform audit

That's right! We provide a complimentary audit when you purchase only one month of Managed Services or any implementation package.

Explore our Managed Services

See how we can solve many of your problems.


For ongoing significant impact we recommend our Pardot Managed Services or HubSpot Managed Services made up of flexible monthly sprints for a perfect combination of strategic consulting complimented by tactical hands-on DFY (Done For You) and DWY (Done-With-You) professionally executed services.

We do deep dive discovery work to understand your marketing channels and processes, we put together and work on a roadmap of initiatives to help optimize platforms and develop systems for lead acquisition and lead management with prescriptive solutions, and advise you along the way as an extension of your team.

Don’t just take our word for it

Read what our clients have to say. Check out our latest case study with California-based Byte Software.

I’m just absolutely thrilled with what we accomplished in such a short time.

Does migrating marketing automation or CRM platforms actually pay off?

Does migrating marketing automation or CRM platforms actually pay off?

Are you thinking about migrating Marketing Automation or CRM platforms and wondering if it’s worth it? Will your company/organization be better off in the long run if you migrate MAP and/or CRM platforms? Download our ‘Marketing Automation & CRM Platform Migration Checklist‘ Google Sheet as a valuable resource to give you some things to consider before making the jump.

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