Platform Implementation

Expert Pardot, HubSpot, Salesforce installation and set up

Proven systems & processes + your tech stack = SUCCESS

Marketing Automation and CRM tools are designed to capture, organize, segment, qualify (or disqualify), and nurture leads then pass highly qualified leads off to your CRM for sales rep follow up at just the right time so they can close deals and generate revenue.

These platforms aren’t cheap, yet they don’t come out-of-the-box with all of the systems and processes ready to go. You need to configure the platforms and add automations and systems that fit with your business and marketing & sales processes and objectives.

That’s where we come in… We layer our proven systems and process on top of built-in platform features so that you get the most out of your platforms and reach your goals.

Our proven methods of data capture, lead management, prospect lifecycle persona identification and targeted content marketing built upon automated processes is the roadmap you need to get true ROI out of your platforms.

Once you engage with us and understand what is possible you’ll find that a properly planned and implemented marketing automation and CRM system can actually meet your expectations. That is why Optimal Business Consulting offers comprehensive implementation and onboarding packages plus flexible consulting services to provide organizations using Pardot, HubSpot, and/or Salesforce with the expertise and resources they need to be successful!

Dedicated Certified Consultant

Best Practice & Strategic Guidance

Campaign Setup

Basic connector and integration configuration

Custom Field set up from our list of recommended fields

Email marketing nurture sequence workflows

Asset creation including Email Templates and Forms

ICP Ideal Customer Profiling and Segmentation Lists

Status & Strategy Meetings

User Training & Documentation

Plus many more!

Implementation Packages

Choose a pre-defined package below or go custom

Choose one of our pre-configured packages below, each comprised from a pre-defined punch list of items, or let us work with you to build the perfect custom implementation package designed to fit your needs, timeline, and budget.

Next steps to your Implementation

First you’ll need to get in touch with us to confirm your order or for more details on what is included in each package and to let us help you choose the package/plan that best fits your budget and goals. If needed we can talk through our existing packages and discuss if we need to create a custom package for you. Once we’ve agreed together on the best package/plan for your needs we’ll work through payment options then begin onboarding you as a client and set up an online kick-off meeting where we start the planning and implementation process.

Let’s get started with your implementation…