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HubSpot is a highly liked and adopted platform by many organizations of all sizes for many good reasons.

Starting from $4000

HubSpot strengths

  • HubSpot is easy to purchase and relatively inexpensive (start a free HubSpot trial)
  • HubSpot is easy to get started
  • HubSpot is user friendly for the most part
  • HubSpot offers many “Hubs” which can all be integrated together
  • HubSpot is feature rich, especially once you get into the upper level packages
  • HubSpot is changing all of the time

Some of the strengths of HubSpot can also mean that you need expert help. Those last few points also makes it so that HubSpot Hubs are complex to set up and implement and necessitates HubSpot onboarding expertise. In fact, HubSpot requires that all premium editions—HubSpot Professional and Enterprise packages—be installed by HubSpot experts.

Hassle-free implementation

That’s where we come in… Optimal Business Consulting is a team of HubSpot experts, a HubSpot Marketing Automation & CRM Consulting agency with nearly two decades of marketing automation, CRM, and web implementation and onboarding experience.

Our Implementation & Onboarding service is geared towards organizations that have a very new platform and need initial set up with best practices implementation and client onboarding which includes training. We have three implementation packages to choose from that covers various levels of needs and budgets.

We can implement any hub, but our specialties are Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and CMS Hub.

HubSpot Marketing Hub is a leading marketing automation platform with powerful targeting capabilities. It can integrate seamlessly with other HubSpot products such as Sales Hub (CRM), CMS Hub, Service Hub, and Operations Hub, making it a powerful solution that can integrate with the core functions of your organization for managing contacts and other important data and relationships.

Our certified consultants can handle every aspect of implementation and onboarding—from technical setup and integration to data migrations and user roles—to ensure you and your team are well-positioned to make the most from your technology stack. We’ve developed a proven method of lead capture, prospect lifecycle persona identification and multi-touch revenue attribution reporting that lets you squeeze out every dollar of return your investment!

What Hub or Hubs do you need?

HubSpot CRM Hub
Contact, Deal, & Customer Management
HubSpot Marketing Hub
Marketing Automation & Email Marketing
HubSpot CMS Hub
Website Builder & Landing Pages

HubSpot CRM Hub

  • Need contact, deal, and customer management all integrated with your marketing?
  • Need professional set up and management of your HubSpot CRM?
  • Need standardized and well mapped out processes for following up on leads and deals?
  • Need to make changes to your CRM?
  • Need training and support?

We have a huge list of custom fields for your CRM that we recommend, as well as standard form setups with form autoresponders. And we can build them for you.

We can help set up fields, forms, pipelines, and optimize your lead capture process to facilitate better lead hand-off from Marketing to Sales.

How can we help?

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HubSpot Marketing Hub

  • Need world class marketing automation and email marketing, all connected with your CRM?
  • Need professional set up and management of your HubSpot Marketing Automation?
  • Need automated segmentation of your prospects?
  • Need to map out your customer journey so you can tailor your marketing message based on Lifecycle Stages?
  • Need standardized and mapped out Marketing Automation processes that work?
  • Need to make changes to email templates, forms, fields, workflows/journeys?
  • Need Marketing Automation training and support?

We're experts at Marketing Automation. We can diagram processes in advance to building them so there are no mistakes.

We can optimize your lead nurture and qualification process so you are targeting the correct message to your prospects and customers based on their Lifecycle Stage.

We can facilitate engagement triggers that identify when a fully qualified lead should be handed off from Marketing to Sales at just the right time.

We can help set up email templates, forms, and customer journeys using HubSpot Workflows.

How can we help?

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HubSpot CMS Hub

Website Builder & Landing Pages

  • Need an easy to use drag-and-drop website and landing page builder along with web hosting?
  • Need your website to look good, but more importantly to load fast?
  • Need to be found on search engines?
  • Need to have targeted messaging on your website that speaks to your audience?
  • Need to attract more leads that actually engage with you for lead acquisition?
  • Need to make content or structural changes to your website?
  • Need to integrate forms into your website that match your brand?
  • Need CMS/website training and support?

Whether it's HubSpot CMS Hub or WordPress, we're experts at building websites and landing pages.

We understand when, where, and how to effectively use CTA (Calls To Action) and web forms on your website so your ideal customer will contact you so you can acquire new leads.

We can help attract your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) to your website and have them want to engage with you.

We can optimize your web pages for high conversion, and make sure leads convert, then are nurtured and qualified and tracked throughout the buyer's journey.

How can we help?

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An example of some elements included with our Marketing Hub Onboarding

Dedicated certified consultant
Integration with your existing CRM, be it Salesforce, HubSpot or other
Email marketing nurture sequence workflows
Chatbot setup
Advanced marketing report setup
Campaign creation and best practices
Automated workflow creation
Ideal customer profile and segmentation list creation
Form and autoresponder creation
Real time user training, documentation & reference library access

HubSpot Implementation & Onboarding Packages & Pricing

Flexibly and comprehensively implemented onboarding

Once you engage with us, you’ll find that a properly planned, implemented, and integrated marketing automation and CRM platform is well worth the investment!

Choose a pre-defined package below or go custom

Choose one of our pre-configured packages below, each comprised from a predefined punch list of items, or let us work with you to build the perfect custom onboarding package designed to fit your needs, timeline, and budget.

HubSpot lead generation dashboard

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Compare to our other services

Our Managed Services provide the most value of any of our services by including the perfect balance of strategic advice and planning plus DFY (Done For You) hands-on tactical elements to optimize platforms and processes for driving more ROI from your tech stack including marketing, CRM, and web platforms. Managed Services addresses your ongoing priorities over the course of our engagement so you are always getting what you need when you need it.

Let’s get you onboarded!