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Our Pardot consulting is a holistic approach to your marketing needs. We can fix your problems and advise on best approach, regardless of which part of your marketing automation platform needs help…automations, journeys, forms, lists, fields, campaigns, training staff, or almost anything.

Pardot is a robust marketing automation platform that is capable of taking your digital marketing efforts to new levels. But even people who have been using Pardot for years can run into issues, especially if they aren’t power users. We understand completely, because at one point everyone has to pass that point on the Pardot learning curve. Think of Optimal Business Consulting’s advisory services like a retainer for your Pardot expert. Whether you’ve hit a technical snag or know you aren’t getting the most from a campaign, our advisory services ensure you’ve always got access to a Pardot expert.

We can fix your problems and advise on best approach, regardless of which part of your marketing automation platform needs help…automations, journeys, forms, lists, fields, campaigns, training staff, or almost anything.

Sounds too good to be true? The reality is that most companies using Pardot never see a fraction of those benefits because Pardot only does a small part of that out-of-the-box. Most companies haven’t engaged thoroughly enough with a qualified Pardot Consulting Agency or Pardot Consultant (or engaged with the wrong agency or consultant). Realizing those types of benefits from your marketing automation platform (MAP) takes time. More importantly, it requires developing an end-to-end strategy for lead generation and lead management.

Our Pardot Consulting services can also include:

Pardot platform audit

Pardot platofrm auditOur Pardot platform audit includes auditing many areas of the Pardot menu system and feature set, then we document and review our findings with you so you can get a clear understanding of any gaps in your current Pardot setup as well as implications of certain settings plus our recommendations for configuration settings.

Pardot training

Pardot trainingOBC works hands-on with you and within your instance of Pardot. We will train on whatever topics and areas you want us to cover. Our team trains at the level of our audience, including up to advanced administrators, if that is what you need. As part of our training we cover best practices in many areas related to configuration, lead process, campaigns and campaign workflows, operational administration and more.

“Sweat more in training, bleed less in battle.” George S. Patton Jr.

Do you already have Pardot?

Getting started with Pardot

Pardot Implementation Packages

Maximizing your Pardot investment should involve:

  • Proof of revenue attribution showing marketing’s influence on Sales.
  • Steady stream of highly qualified sales-ready leads being sent to sales from marketing for follow up and closing deals.
  • End-to-end lifecycle of each prospect with visibility to marketing and sales showing exactly where the prospect is in the marketing and sales funnel at all times.
  • Leads and contacts (including dormant customers) that surface (or resurface) as showing new and recent buying intent.
  • Array of conditions and automations that identify qualified leads and triggers surfacing qualified prospects to lead dashboards with new lead notifications.
  • Scalable, comprehensive, and effective marketing campaign architecture that includes multiple channels and methods that targets each persona with timely, appropriate, and personalized messaging.
  • Nurture email marketing sequences that promote your brand and product/service offerings while qualifying or disqualifying prospects.
  • New customer onboarding email marketing sequences.
  • Capturing new prospects into the database with clear tracking of lead source and all marketing engagement touch points.

Getting the most out of Pardot

Pardot Managed Services Plans

Managed Services is our core offering from Optimal Business Consulting and are designed for organizations interested in maintaining an ongoing competitive advantage through month-to-month access to award-winning expertise, strategy and best practice guidance, plus hands-on administration and optimization, support, and training.

As an added bonus our Managed Services clients have access to tons of resources via our Resource Library including over 40+ help documents that we have authored that provide helpful insights along with configuration implications & recommendations plus a comprehensive knowledge base on Pardot, Salesforce, Tools & Services, and WordPress Plugins that we have compiled over several years.

Our Managed Services provide everything you need to keep getting the most out of your tech stack (Pardot, Salesforce, WordPress).

We offer Pardot Managed Services, Salesforce Managed Services, or a combination of Pardot and Salesforce Managed Services together.

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