Pardot status updates

by | May 3, 2022 | Blog, Pardot, Quick Tips, Salesforce

Date last updated: 2022-05-12

Quick tip on Pardot status updates

Subscribe to Pardot status updates at:

Once you subscribe you will be notified via email of any Pardot issues.

Quick Tip: Get notified of any Pardot issues by subscribing to status updates

This page monitors the overall status of the Pardot application. Disruptions related to a specific area of the application will be posted to your account’s dashboard.

Salesforce posts Pardot issues to that status page, and if you are subscribed you’ll receive all of the updates as they are posted.

This is very useful for knowing when there are issues with Pardot, and knowing almost immediately once they are resolved.

You can also access any other potential issues on the Salesforce platform as a whole here.



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