Punctuation, spelling or grammar errors don’t sell well

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Blog, On Second Thought...

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When I get approached by someone on LinkedIn or via email and they have more than one punctuation and/or spelling or grammar errors in their main bio, I won’t engage with them.

I can be a nerdy, detail oriented person, but my business and industry demand it. No room for sloppy writing. I don’t want bad writing skills by someone on our team to end up reflecting in some way on our work with our clients.

If a person claims they can make vast improvements to an agency or business (or even just a contributor), but they represent themselves badly with such errors, I just don’t buy it…literally.

It amazes me how many public profiles have at least one or more punctuation, spelling, or grammar errors (sometimes I’ll even shoot them a note to let them know).

Maybe even I have one on my profile, but hopefully not. If I do I’m sure someone will now point it out to me. 😉

On second thought…

In a world where there seems to be no right nor wrong (seemingly everything is relative), and where they change the dictionary every year (adding 400+ new words each year), there really are no rules.

It’s more about perception than anything. And for me I stick to conversational writing and old-school guidelines.

Sentances like this are still Wrong .

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