Product Description

Pardot Platform Audit to Identify, Document, and Review Gaps In Pardot Setup and Provide Recommended Configuration Settings

Our Pardot Platform Audit includes auditing many areas of the Pardot menu system and feature set, then we document and review our findings with you so you can get a clear understanding of any gaps in your current Pardot setup as well as implications of certain settings plus our recommendations for configuration settings.

We also provide Best Practices advice along the way!

We take a brief look at an abbreviated list of items as outlined below and document our high level findings. 

For many features we have additional custom documentation available that provides deeper understanding into Feature Insight, Recommendations, Setting Options, and Implications.

What we look at during a Pardot Platform Audit

  • Settings

  • Prospect Analysis

  • Marketing

    • Folders

    • Automations

    • Campaigns

      • Pardot Campaigns
      • Salesforce Connected Campaigns
    • Content

      • Custom Redirects
      • Dynamic Content
      • Files
    • Emails

      • Emails Sent (List Emails)
      • Email Templates
      • Email Preference Pages
      • Unsubscribe Page
    • Engagement Studio

    • Forms

      • Forms
      • Layout Templates (Forms)
      • Form Handlers
    • Landing Pages

      • Landing Pages
      • Layout Templates (Landing Pages)
    • Segmentation

      • Lists
      • Rules
      • Profiles
  • Reports

    • Lifecycle Report

  • Admin

    • Scoring Rules

    • Connectors

      • Salesforce Connector
        • Salesforce Connector Preferences
        • Sync Errors
      • Other Connectors
    • Fields

      • Prospect Custom Fields
      • Account Custom Fields
      • Opportunity Custom Fields
    • Domain Management

    • User Management

      • Users
      • Queues
      • Custom Roles


NOTE: Due to time constraints the actual audit may not allow for the full breadth of items described within this document.


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