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Product Description

About the Pardot GROWTH package

The GROWTH package is our most popular implementation package. It is designed for companies who need to get their business started with Pardot marketing automation and who want to go beyond the basics by implementing more sophisticate tools such as B2BMA and grading and profiling.

Approximate duration

60 days

GROWTH implementation includes

  • Dedicated Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant
  • Initial Discovery Call
  • Best Practice & Strategic Guidance
  • Salesforce & Pardot Platform Setup
  • Pardot Installed in Salesforce
  • Pardot Lightning App Setup
  • Salesforce/Pardot Connector Configuration
  • Pardot User Setup
  • Pardot & Salesforce Connected Campaign Setup
  • Pardot Tracking Code
  • Tracking Domain with DNS Setup Guidance
  • SPF/DKIM Records with DNS Setup Guidance
  • Social Media Connectors
  • Pardot Custom Fields [Qty up to 30]
  • Determine with client Custom Fields needed in Pardot and Salesforce for Pardot
  • Salesforce Custom Fields [Qty up to 30]
  • Display Pardot Data within Salesforce
  • Enable Engagement History in Salesforce
  • Custom Lead Scoring Setup
  • Prospect Grading & Profiling [Qty up to 2]
  • Create Email Preference Center (Email Preferences Page) (unbranded)
  • Create Unsubscribe Page (unbranded)
  • Define & Diagram MQL Journey and Lead Management Process
  • Branded Email Template
  • Form Email Autoresponder
  • Create ‘Gated Content’ Form Autoresponder Email Template
  • Pardot Web Forms & Form Handlers
  • Create Layout Template
  • Create Pardot Form
  • Create Pardot Form Handler
  • Create Gated Content Form for Gated Downloads
  • Segmentation Lists [Qty up to 5]
  • Custom Redirects (tracking links) [Qty up to 3]
  • Engagement Studio Nurture Programs (Journeys) & Automations [Qty up to 2]
  • Create Automations [Qty up to 2]
  • Data Manipulation
  • Prospect Import
  • B2B Marketing Analytics Configuration
  • Salesforce Reports & Dashboards: Salesforce Marketing Leads Dashboard
  • Pardot Status & Strategy Meetings [Qty up to 7]
  • Pardot Support [Qty up to 10]
  • Pardot Training
  • Pardot Training: Getting Started with Pardot
  • Pardot Training: Syncing Pardot Prospects with Salesforce and Seeing Pardot Data inside Salesforce
  • Pardot Training: Pardot Scoring and Grading & Profiling
  • Pardot Training: Naming Conventions and Segmentation Using Pardot Custom Fields and Tags and Pardot Lists
  • Pardot Training: Salesforce Pardot Connected Campaigns
  • Pardot Training: Pardot Custom Redirects (Tracking Links) and Completion Actions
  • Pardot Training: Pardot Forms and Form Handlers
  • Pardot Training: Pardot Email Templates and List Emails
  • Pardot Training: Pardot Automations and Engagement Studio
  • Pardot & Salesforce Consulting
  • Pardot Asset Creation (forms, email templates, fields, journeys, etc.)
  • Pardot & Salesforce Lead Flow Management
  • Project Management
  • Resource Library of 40+ Original-Authored Pardot & Salesforce Help Documents

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