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Pardot Marketing Automation Strategy Workshop

This is an interactive group workshop event to discuss, discover, diagram, brainstorm, solution design, and learn about how to optimize Pardot to improve your Lead Management processes and overall marketing-to-sales workflow.

We hash out and diagram your current lead generation, lead management, and sales hand-off process. Then we work through best practices using the Pardot Marketing Automation platform features, capabilities, and hacks and how to layer on top of them with proven systems, data manipulation, automations, and journeys that will move the needle significantly for you from where you are today.

[Two days @ 4 hour web conference each = 8 hours total]

√Dedicated Salesforce Pardot Architect
√Diagram creation showing existing current state workflows & optimal future state
√Access to our Form Journey Diagram
√Access to our MQL Journey Diagram
√Solution Design
√Whiteboard brainstorming
√Video Capture

Topics may include:

  • Pardot features & capabilities
  • Real-world understanding of marketing automation, marketing, etc.
  • Lead management strategy
  • MQL strategy with layered conditions and multiple paths to MQL (marketing qualified leads)
  • MQL and marketing-to-sales strategy
  • Mapping out your current lead flow and workflows between marketing & sales
  • Mapping out proposed new lead flow and workflows between marketing & Sales
  • Best practices

Invite your whole team. Watch the video again later to help extract and better absorb the information that was covered.

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