Pardot Managed Services | PLUS 30Hrs/month


Includes both strategic and tactical elements based on agile monthly sprints to execute on agreed priorities.

Minimum 3 months. Duration Discounts available based on quantity ordered, with price breaks at 6, 9, and 12 months (discount reflected in cart based on order quantity for plan duration).

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How Managed Services work

Pardot Managed Services from Optimal Business Consulting are designed for organizations interested in maintaining an ongoing competitive advantage through month-to-month access to award-winning expertise, strategy and best practice guidance, plus hands-on administration and optimization, support and training.

We get together via web conference at the start of each month to work out priorities and milestones. Throughout the month, our experts execute on agreed upon tasks. We also review task status and agree priorities for the upcoming month as a ‘monthly sprint’. This provides a sort of Agile project management method of addressing current priorities.

All Pardot Managed Services plans include both strategic and tactical elements

  • Ongoing Strategic Planning
  • Process & Systems Development
  • Pardot/Salesforce Platform Implementation
  • Pardot/Salesforce Platform Administration
  • Pardot/Salesforce Platform Optimization
  • Pardot/Salesforce Consulting
  • Asset Creation
  • Pardot/Salesforce Lead Flow Management
  • Pardot/Salesforce Automations
  • Campaign Guidance
  • Pardot/Salesforce Training
  • Pardot/Salesforce Support
  • Project Management
  • Analytics / Reports / Dashboards

Managed Services are sold on a ‘value’ basis, meaning we don’t commit a specific number of hours to work. We provide value and achieve goals each month to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. We do target allocated hours per month depending on the complexity, effort required and the skill level or certifications required to perform the tasks during any given monthly sprint.

There are no annual contracts required. Start with an initial three-month Pardot Managed Services commitment then continue Managed Services month-to-month for as long as you continue to realize value. Cancel at any time after the initial three-month period.

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