Quick Tip: Moving a LinkedIn Recommendation from one company to another

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How to move a LinkedIn Recommendation from one company/position listing to another within your online LinkedIn profile:

Over the last few years I have so far received 28 recommendations on my LinkedIn profile. I feel these are very valuable.

The problem I was having is that early on, before I really understood how LinkedIn worked, I had sent recommendation requests or somehow received recommendations UNDER THE WRONG COMPANY and position for which I was being recommended. This left a bit of a gap in my profile under the company/position where I should have had more recommendations listed.

I sent a request to update the recommendation to the correct company listing to someone (a former boss) who had recommended me but had been listed incorrectly. They responded saying they could edit the recommendation but couldn’t move the recommendation to a different company/position within my profile, but asked me to show them how.

So I proceeded to investigate through the LinkedIn Help screens the best way to manage my LinkedIn recommendations in this way, and quickly came across this post which shows how to move a LinkedIn Recommendation from one company/position to another within your online LinkedIn profile:

Moving a LinkedIn Recommendation

In summary, these are the steps you need to take to move a LinkedIn Recommendation from one company/position that you have worked at to another company/position:

  • Go to the company/position which has the recommendations listed incorrectly.
  • Copy the description to another document for later use.
  • Delete the company/position (don’t worry, you won’t lose all the good recommendations).
  • Re-add the company/position (and the detail for that position).
  • Go to your Profile (link in upper right corner of screen) -> Settings -> Manage Recommendations.
  • Scroll towards the bottom to Unassigned Recommendations (the screenshot below does not show the Unassigned Recommendations tab since I have no Unassigned Recommendations left at this point, but this is where you would see the link/tab to Unassigned Recommendations).
  • Re-assign one-by-one the now orphaned recommendations, being sure to now assign them to the correct company/position.
  • Check to be sure you have made all of your recommendations publicly visible (Profile -> Settings -> Manage Recommendations) and then checking the “show” box for each recommendation to make it visible within your public LinkedIn profile.

That did the trick…now my LinkedIn profile is cleaned up nicely, with all of my recommendations in the right place.

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