Video Tutorial: Creating Events using “The Events Calendar Pro”, WooTickets, and WooCommerce WordPress plugins

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How to create purchasable Events using “The Events Calendar Pro” WordPress plugin, along with WooTickets and WooCommerce.

Also includes how to add event Sponsors using the “Logos Showcase” plugin and the “Advanced Text Widget PRO”, both available from

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  1. Paul

    Great list. One thing to highlight with the ‘events calendar’ from Tribe is that it has no shortcodes to integrate into products or pages, and the ticketing system has no recurring feature. Oh, and tickets also has no way of sending you or your customers the correct date or indication of the event date purchased.

    Buyer beware if you run a calendar that’s actually running more than a handful of events. Management is a nightmare.

    Customer service is the worst i’ve experienced in 10 years too. So un friendly! Check their support forum to see how threads are just closed without allowing buyers to respond.



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