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Campaign member status not appearing in Pardot

Many users have noticed that, even though they’ve added a new campaign member status, and have tried to refresh the data via an automation rule, the new status is still missing from Pardot.

Pardot profiling, scoring, and grading

Generating prospects in Pardot via various marketing efforts is a great start. Now, it’s time to take it past the top of the marketing funnel and talk about Pardot grades and scores.

Where’s my snippet?!

If you create a snippet and don’t see a field called Assignment, the snippet won’t appear in your Pardot merge fields and you can’t use it.

Email template builder: External vs. Pardot

There are three email template builder workflows that one could use to generate new templates. We recommend using them all depending on the circumstance and blending them as needed.

Pardot email template basics

Pardot email templates are located under Pardot email>Templates. Before you get started, email templates must have a folder and campaign selected.

Quick Tips

Quick Tip: Pardot status updates

Once you subscribe to Pardot status updates you will be notified via email of any Pardot issues. This is very useful for knowing when there are issues with Pardot, and knowing almost immediately once they are resolved.


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Best email template builders for email production

Best email template builders for email production

Since most of the email marketing tools on the market today are lacking in features, usability, and team collaboration workflows (i.e. Pardot!), we decided to put together this brief pros and cons list of a few noteworthy options that might be better for your email production and email marketing efforts. These aren’t just email design tools, but online tools/services/products suitable for rapid and collaborative email production by your marketing department.

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