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Quick Tip: Pardot status updates

Once you subscribe to Pardot status updates you will be notified via email of any Pardot issues. This is very useful for knowing when there are issues with Pardot, and knowing almost immediately once they are resolved.

Punctuation, spelling or grammar errors don’t sell well

When I get approached by someone on LinkedIn or via email and they have more than one punctuation and/or spelling or grammar errors in their main bio, I won’t engage with them. Punctuation and spelling or grammar errors doesn’t sell well.

Pardot Completion Action Enhancements, Summer 22

Apply conditional completion actions on Pardot forms using criteria to filter prospects. Send Slack notification to your team from Pardot when prospects engage with your marketing assets.

Campaign Attribution Models and Campaign Reporting

Part of a series in Pardot and Salesforce best practices, we go into detail on the various Salesforce campaign reporting tools and templates available to you. We’ll also go over campaign attribution models and how to use them to gauge marketing’s true impact on your campaigns.

The Pardot rename

Salesforce has made what I believe is a branding mistake. Today they officially renamed Pardot to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement.

Best Practice: Salesforce and Pardot campaign setup

Deep dive article providing practical tips on campaign set up for achieving useful and accurate engagement and revenue attribution numbers using campaigns in Pardot and Salesforce. We show you how to set up Salesforce campaigns and how to use Salesforce campaigns effectively with Pardot.