25 reasons why WP Engine is your best choice for WordPress website hosting

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We’ve been using WP Engine for over 14 years and haven’t looked back. Over the years we’ve used several web hosts, including: Hostgator, Blue Host, iPower, SiteGround, Network Solutions and GoDaddy. We believe WP Engine is by far the best choice for WordPress website hosting if you have a WordPress website.

Below are 25 solid reasons why…

1) Automatic daily backups

All files, website content, WordPress database and settings are automatically backed up each night.

WP Engine daily backups

2) One-click restores

Made a mistake? Deleted something? Recent upgrade broke your website? Do a quick one-click restore from any number of multiple backup points and within five minutes your website is safely back to working state! This feature alone is worth the monthly cost!

3) Reliable uptime

WP Engine consistently ranks number one for uptime. In fact, over the past few years, WP Engine has boasted an uptime of 100%, which is pretty formidable.

4) One click manual backup

Create a manual backup at any time, useful for pulling a backup before performing any upgrades or making any major changes to your website.

5) Excellent support

Get expert WordPress help when you need it—chat or speak with a live person on the phone almost immediately. They can help you with almost any issues on your WordPress site.

6) One-click push from production to staging

Make changes and upgrades to your website safely within the staging area, see that the site is working correctly at the staging URL, then when you are ready push your website from Staging to live production with one click, all from within the WordPress dashboard. You can also go the other direction by pushing from production to staging if you need to.

7) Page load speed

WP Engine has the best WordPress-specific hosting environment. It provides some of the fastest page loads available. Page load is now a major factor used by Google when ranking web pages, so you can’t afford to have slowly loading pages that will adversely affect your rankings or cause you to lose website visitors because your web pages are loading too slowly.

8) Security

WordPress is known for having vulnerabilities in security. WP Engine provides enterprise level website security built-in to help secure your website and the entire hosting environment.

9) Server locations

Where you host you site is important and can impact your data security requirements. WP Engine has hosting options in 10 locations across the Americas, Europe and Asia. And, as an added bonus, you can host different sites on different servers!

WP Engine server locations

So, if you’d like one site to be hosted in Europe and another in Asia, WP Engine has you covered.

10) WP Engine portal

Many webhost dashboards can be a nightmare to navigate. WP Engine’s user portal is extremely intuitive with no learning curve needed. In addition, you can easily add SFTP users and many other features are available directly from the graphical interface provided by the WP Engine user portal. With this feature you can easily grant a plugin developer temporary access to your website files for troubleshooting.

11) Cloudflare CDN

With one click you can add CDN (content delivery network) capabilities to your WP Engine hosted website to help your images, PDF files and web pages all load faster. WP Engine uses Cloudflare—arguably one of the best CDNs out there—because it offers an expansive suite of performance and security options. You can also take advantage of CloudFlare’s Advanced Network for caching.

12) SSL and HTTP2

All WP Engine users have access to Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates. It takes one click of a button and within 30 minutes you have SSL (secure sockets layer) on your website. If you need a secure shopping cart you can purchase a higher grade SSL certificate for $49 per year. It doesn’t get any easier.

13) Easy site migration with website migration plugin

Thinking of moving your WordPress site to a new host? Many WP hosts offer little help in migration or charge a hefty fee to do so. Easily port your website from another web host or server environment over to WP Engine hosting using their free WP Engine website migration plugin. You can view your website at a temporary URL provided by WP Engine to make sure your website is working correctly before you point your domain to WP Engine. WP Engine also offers a complimentary site transfer service with its GrowBig and higher packages. For those on smaller packages, WP Engine offers a migration service for a very reasonable price of $30 per site.

14) Domain mapping

Regardless of where your domain is registered, you just point it to the IP Address of your WP Engine installation and map that domain inside of WP Engine (simple), and voila, your domain is now pointing to your WP Engine hosted website.

15) URL redirects

Create URL redirects within the WP Engine portal to have any of your old web pages point to the correct new web page URL. This is handy if you updated a page location or page slug (i.e. changed “Contact Us” /about/contact-us/ to “Contact” /contact/). No more clunky htaccess files to manage, no more URL redirect plugins to slow down your website. For the power user, REGEX (regular expression) is supported in redirects.

16) Reset file permissions

Sometimes when you add a new plugin you need to change file permissions for it to work correctly. You can easily reset file permissions either from within the WP Engine portal or from within the WordPress dashboard with one click.

17) One click clear page cache

When you make updates to your website you want to see what they look like including any recent changes you have made, you don’t want to see a cached web page which may not show your latest changes. With one click within the WP Engine portal or from within the WordPress dashboard you can clear page cache to ensure you are looking at your most recent website changes.

18) Access to PHPMyAdmin

Advanced users may need access to the WordPress database. The WP Engine portal provides a link to PHPMyAdmin for managing your WordPress database.

19) Easily switch between staging and production

With one click you can switch between staging and production environments without requiring VPN access for one and logging out of VPN for the other or requiring special passwords. Easily push your site from live to staging to work on things in development and testing, then push from staging back to production when you are ready with one click.

20) Password protection

Password protect your entire website—staging, production or both—with one click. This is handy when you are in development and don’t want to publish your website until you are ready to launch. It also is a good idea to password protect your staging environment so that Google doesn’t crawl it and count it against you as duplicate content from what was published on production.

21) One click convert from single site to multisite

Running out of WP Engine installations and don’t want to upgrade your hosting plan? Want to share a library of plugins and themes between websites and manage them all from a single WP login? Consider converting your single WordPress installation into a multisite install.

WP Engine Multisite

With WordPress multisite you get the advantage of adding as many websites as you want all managed under one single WordPress installation and login. WordPress multisite is a shared environment for subdomains or blogs within one WordPress multisite installation, where all subdomains share a common library of themes, plugins and, optionally, media upload files. Each subdomain can still have its own unique domain mapped to it. Through the WP Engine portal a single site can easily be converted to a multisite, or vice versa.

22) Error logs

Sometimes there are WordPress plugins or themes causing conflicts or errors on your website. In many cases such problems only reveal themselves by displaying as broken features or content on your website. You can easily view error logs from within the WP Engine portal to help troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

23) Git push

For developers, WP Engine portal provides the ability to set up your Git credentials and push your latest files from Git to your WordPress site. Once you have set up Git Push integration in your user portal, you will obtain a snapshot copy of your application to work with.

24) Manage multiple websites under one dashboard

The WP Engine portal allows you to manage all of your websites under one login from one single location (how many websites depends on your hosting plan).

25) Reasonable prices

With plans starting at $20 per month for one website, with two free months if you pay annually (all plans), WP Engine is well worth the price! Please use my affiliate code when you are ready to sign up!






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