Struggling to get ROI from your marketing automation and CRM platform?

We solve most of the typical problems inherently involved with disconnected and poorly set up marketing automation and CRM platforms by setting up RevOps systems and processes to align marketing and sales for better outcomes.

By providing a unique balance of valuable consulting plus hands-on execution, we’re able to make significant strategic and tactical improvements to your tech platforms and processes.

As a US-based Pardot Marketing Automation Consulting Agency, Salesforce CRM Partner, and HubSpot Solution Partner, Optimal Business Consulting (OBC) uses proven methodologies and technology to help mid-market and enterprise organizations solve problems, reach goals, and achieve higher ROI from marketing and sales efforts.

How can we help?

The Problem

Does this sound familiar? Is this your story?

You use Salesforce and probably bought Pardot (or maybe HubSpot) only to find that you’re not getting enough value.
  • You aren’t making the most of MQLs/SQLs.
  • You know you are losing money due to lost opportunity cost from inconsistent data collection.
  • You question if hiring a Pardot or HubSpot ‘Power User’ who’s ‘done this before’ is enough to get you where you need to be, and fast enough.
  • Bottom line is you’re not getting enough benefit of what the platform is capable of and that you are paying for, month after month.

Let us help you generate platform ROI. Let us help your story to have a happy ending with our Pardot Managed Services or HubSpot Managed Services.

You are likely experiencing some of the most common marketing automation problems that many organizations face…the good news is we’ve seen it before, and we can help.

Below are just three of the top 10 most common marketing automation problems that we often see, along with some of the contributing factors towards each problem, and some of the positive results in overcoming those problems that our clients often experience when working with us.

① Lack of platform ROI
Contributors to this problem:
  • lack of experience, knowledge, support, and resources to fully utilize platforms
  • not keeping up with important platform updates and required configuration changes
  • lack of knowledge, training, and adoption of platform features and capabilities
  • disjointed platform development/configuration improvement roadmap and marketing projects/initiatives
Results our clients often experience when working with us:
  • highly improved platform ROI
  • well planned platform development/configuration improvement roadmap and marketing projects/initiatives
  • keeping well advised of important platform updates and required configuration changes
  • reducing number of mailable prospects to remain within permissible allotted count
  • cohesion between digital and traditional campaigns (i.e. trade shows, physical mailings, etc.)
  • knowledge of integration options with other tools and services
  • productive email template creation process for streamlined email production
  • reduced email deliverability issues
② Not aware or taking advantage of all of the features of Marketing Automation & CRM platforms
Contributors to this problem:
  • lack of awareness, knowledge, training, and adoption of Marketing Automation & CRM platform features and capabilities
  • not taking advantage of all of the features of Marketing Automation & CRM platforms
  • not aware of or using best practices
  • not keeping up with all of the many platform updates that get released several times per year
  • permissions or roles limiting access to important platform features needed for user’s role
  • not being properly trained to be a power user of Marketing Automation & CRM platforms
Results our clients often experience when working with us:
  • full partner support with consultative advice and benefit of many years of experience, knowledge, and partner resources to fully utilize platforms
  • good knowledge, well trained, and improved adoption of platform features and capabilities
  • adoption of best practices for consistency, productivity, scalability, and best results
  • aware of platform updates and what matters most
  • proper permissions and roles that don’t limit access to important platform features needed for user’s role
  • useful campaign hierarchy structure and use of campaigns
  • automated opt-in/opt-out process
  • well organized and useful segmentation list management
  • proper set up of scoring and prospect qualification process
  • automated email preference center management
  • well crafted email templates, scalable from a clean and useful master template
  • use of dynamic personalized content within email templates, forms, landing pages
  • landing pages that convert well
  • automated new customer onboarding process
  • adhering to permission based marketing standards
  • suppressing competitors and not marketing to disqualified prospects
③ Integration issues with data between Pardot or HubSpot and Salesforce
Contributors to this problem:
  • connector configuration
  • field level sync behavior settings
  • filtering rules
  • permissions
  • field data mismatch
  • not resolving sync errors
  • lack of optimizing prospect assignment timing
  • automation rules on either platform
  • systems not properly documented
Results our clients often experience when working with us:
  • properly syncing data with Salesforce, reduced and resolved sync errors
  • better understanding and documentation of system architecture

Every lost lead and missed sales opportunity is costing you $$$ by not optimizing.

What is the cost of not addressing and fixing some of your problems? Somewhere at least in the thousands of dollars per month, maybe more.

Not fixing the related problems or optimizing your marketing automation platform, CRM, and marketing and sales processes can result in severe and long term costs.

Costs can be in the form of lost revenue, wasted time, and wasted and burned out human resources.

The cost and risk of engaging with the wrong agency, consultant, or contractor can mean:

  • lost revenue
  • spending too much (i.e., paying too much for a consultant)
  • needing to hire one or more internal full time staff (when otherwise you might not need to)
  • locking into an unnecessarily long term engagement via annual contract
  • not using the latest best practices
  • not meeting your goals
  • bad or missing data
  • lack of accurate reporting
  • risk a lot of time wasted
  • dragging out your goal timeline
  • overworking and burning out staff
  • hiring several entities when one could do the job

The Solution

Your problems are not uncommon

You’re not getting enough value from your marketing automation & CRM platforms.

Get improved ROI, get what you actually need.

Marketing & Sales Alignment

Let us create a diagram of your current end-to-end Marketing & Sales process, and extend it to include a roadmap of our recommended solutions for improving your lead flow and processes.

Automate MQL Marketing Qualified Leads

We can recommend and implement multiple MQL scoring criteria and processes that will ensure highly qualified prospects (Leads and Contacts!) are passed to Pre-Sales or Sales.

Full Lifecycle Management

Most Pardot implementations only pay attention to Leads. We help manage the full Lifecycle of all prospects including Leads, Contacts, and even existing Customers and Accounts.

Improve ROI

Refine Sales & Marketing Alignment

Increase Lead Acquisition

Automate Complex Processes

Boost Conversion Rates

Personalize Prospect Engagement

Track Marketing Efforts & Engagement

Enhance Lead Quality

Track Revenue Attribution

Our Services

Explore our Managed Services

See how we can solve many of your problems.


For ongoing significant impact we recommend our Pardot Managed Services or HubSpot Managed Services made up of flexible monthly sprints for a perfect combination of strategic consulting complimented by tactical hands-on DFY (Done For You) and DWY (Done-With-You) professionally executed services.

We do deep dive discovery work to understand your marketing channels and processes, we put together and work on a roadmap of initiatives to help optimize platforms and develop systems for lead acquisition and lead management with prescriptive solutions, and advise you along the way as an extension of your team.

Plans & Pricing

Fractional Managed Services

  • Flexible hours, flexible rate, flexible tasks! Hours can flex up or down based on approved work.

  • Sliding scale rate. The more hours we work on your tasks the cheaper your hourly rate.

  • Pay only for actual hours logged for work tasks each month (10 hour minimum).

  • We can work on practically any type of tasks you need. Each month we agree together on tasks to work on.

  • No retainer required. Month-to-month with only one month commitment.

  • Totally 'fractional'...pause service for as long as you like, then restart any time with no penalties.

  • Continue for another month as long as you realize value, or pause/restart, or cancel with 30 days notice.

As hours worked increase ↗️ your rate decreases ↘️

Starting from...

Fractional Managed Services prices start from $2400 for one month with 10 hours towards whatever tasks you need.

Contact us for more info on Managed Services for Pardot, HubSpot, Salesforce, WordPress, ActiveCampaign, and more.

“Thank you for all you do for ADF.  We are seeing improvement in year to date numbers for email cultivation. The revenue is up 67% and the number of gifts up 90%.”

Peggy K

VP of Direct Response, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF)

“Jeff is a consummate professional and understands the sensitive database and sync interactions between Salesforce and Pardot better than most “experts” in the field. He was instrumental in the system ops setup at Roostify, working cross-functionally with sales, marketing and operational leadership to ensure the lead funnel was fully optimized. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jeff for any marketing automation task.”

Heidi Elgaard

VP Marketing & Tech Startup Advisor, Roostify

“Your level of knowledge has been great from a consulting side because you understand how we work. You’ve been able to understand our challenges with unique solutions based on your knowledge of how each different platform works and how they can potentially work together. While you are remote you seem to be pretty responsive to be able to get things done when we need it.” Client Video Testimonial

Kate Van Gorden

Marketing Manager, Syncroness

“Jeff and Optimal Business Consulting helped us think through the strategy for our lead generation process. From connecting our Salesforce and Pardot instances, mind mapping our MQL journeys, and training our employees, Jeff became a member of our marketing team. I am happy to recommend him as a Salesforce expert for those looking to think through a strategy and implement the technology to make it possible.”

Chris McNamee

VP Marketing, The Tambellini Group

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